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Mehrgol Saffron has been operating since 1995 and offers the best saffron throughout the country. It has a store in the east of the country and its main branch is in Mashhad.

We intend to consider the best quality for our dear customers because the Iranian people deserve the best.

Mehrgol Saffron Company is a group that was founded in 1995 with the belief in providing quality products and the principle of respect for the customer.
In order to develop the activities of Mehrgol saffron brand, it has been granting representation in different cities and neighboring countries for years, and if you also want to receive Mehrgol saffron, contact us.

Mehrgol, in order to maintain the customer’s trust, which is the most valuable investment that has been made in the production and sale of saffron and other complementary products over the years, always considers itself required to carry out strict control and monitoring measures that involve a complex process from farm to consumption. Takes over and produces all its products after the approval of the quality control unit in a completely hygienic environment and using advanced technology and utilizing committed experts, specialists and employees.

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